EZ-ContactManager makes it easy to stay in touch with your customers. Send (and receive) text messages right from your desktop computer, print mailing labels, search contacts, send out mass emails, and more!

All Your Contacts In One Place

How to Find Customer Contacts EZ-ContactManager

Contacts Screen

Need to find a phone number or email address? Our lightning fast database will help you stay organized.

Advanced search options makes it easy to find customers.

Connect with forms on your website for contacts to be automatically created!

Interact with Clients

Email, Call, or send text messages directly to your clients.

History and Notes

Keep track of past interactions with History and customer notes.


Organize Contacts

EZ-ContactManager lets you easily create custom lists of your contacts.  This makes it easy to send messages to specific segments of your clients.

For example, you might make lists for “Customers”, “Employees”, and “Partners”.  Or create lists for “Leads”, “Closted-Lost” “Closed-Won”.

Reach Out to Custom Lists

Send out mass email, or text messages (with permission), and quickly print out mailing address labels.

Print Mailing Labels

Print mailing labels at the standard size with a single click.

They automatically create labels for the most common label size:
Avery 5160 Easy Peel Address Labels, White, 1 x 2-5/8 Inch


Send Texts without Cell

These days, many people would rather text than call, but doing that in a business setting can be tricky.

Our messenger lets you text customers without using a personal cell phone.

Send Emails in the App

Email templates and schedulers make for a powerful email platform.
Plus emails sent from EZ-ContactManager automatically get recorded in the Contact’s History.


Call Tracking Reports

You had 500 calls last month. Where did they come from?

Call tracking allows you to determine how many calls came from social media, postcards, websites, etc.

EZ-ContactManager lets you set up multiple tracking phone numbers so you know what’s working and where to put your advertising dollars.