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How To Add New Contacts in EZ-ContactManager

EZ-Contact Manager let’s you send mass emails, SMS messages, and more to your clients.

But before you can do any of that, you need to put your contact into the system.

How to Add A New Contact into the CRM

1. Log into app.EZContactManager.com

2. Click “Contacts” (in the left navigation).

3. Click the “New Contact” button (as shown below)

Screenshot showing the Contact button.

4. Fill out the contact information like Name, Job Title, Phone Number, etc.

Screenshot showing how to Create a new contact in EZ-ContactManager.

5. If you don’t already have a company created, Click the “Add New Company” button.  It will show an overlay similar to the screenshot below…

screenshot of Add new company overlay.

6. Fill out address (if desired)

7. Add Notes (if desired)

8. Add the Contact to a List (if desired)

screenshot showing where to add notes and lists to a new contact.

10. Click “Save Contact”.

You’ll be take to the finished contact screen where you can review everything.

screenshot of a completed contact screen.

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  • It’s nice that you can add notes to any contact, but you can also add “History” which is useful when you need to keep track of potential clients and want to know when they were last contacted.